Zombicide - Special Guest - Kevin Walker

Zombicide - Special Guest - Kevin Walker

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  • Survivors - Two brand new Survivors join the fray, complete with their own Survivor card and highly detailed miniature figure.
  • Zombivors - If these heroes join the ranks of the undead, at least they don’t have to leave the game. Their Zombivor counterpart is represented by their own miniature figure.
  • Join Any Story - These Survivors can join any version of Zombicide and fight for life and freedom.

    Kevin Walker got his start as an illustrator for comic books and for Games Workshop. He freelanced for years as both a writer and artist for a wide variety of different mediums. Most recently, he has been creating cover art for Marvel Comics. Kevin’s Special Guest box for Zombicide adds two new Survivors and their infected Zombivor versions. Mitch chose the biker life for the freedom it gave him. The plague has offered ultimate freedom, if you don’t mind the slaughter, and Mitch doesn’t mind. Don’t let Uncle Honk’s clown get-up fool you, he’s no joke when it comes to fighting zombies! With his habit of taunting zombies, Uncle Honk can be your best friend or worst enemy.

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