Warhammer: The Horus Heresy - Solar Auxilia Battle Group

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If you’re a longtime Warhammer 40K fan and well versed in the dense lore of the Horus Hersey, chances are you’ve heard of the Solar Auxilia before. And if you’re new to their ranks, now’s the perfect time to discover these elite soldiers, who formed the backbone of humanity’s defenses during the early days of the Imperium of Man in the 31st century.

These once forgotten warriors have been called back into action in the form of the new Solar Auxilia Battle Group, a box set expansion for Horus Hersey that was recently announced by Games Workshop at the annual Las Vegas Open gaming convention.

This latest expansion for The Horus Hersey features a solid mix of infantry, armor and mobile scouts. It’s a fantastic option if you’re thinking of starting a new Solar Auxilia army and some of these units could also be ported over to an existing Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard army.

  • 20 Solar Auxilia lasrifles Troopers: These can be broken out into two squads or combined into a single unit if you prefer larger formations. Their durable Void Armor also adds a surprising amount of resilience considering they aren’t genetically augmented like Space Marines.
  • 1 Auxilia Troop Master: The head of the Line Command Section, this master of war is adept at strategy and tactics and is essential for maintaining control of the battlefield.
  • 4 Solar Auxilia Veterans: Backing up the Line Command Section are these elite veterans, who handle communications, provide added security for the Troop Master and, of course, wield the sacred banners of the 31st century’s Imperial Army.
  • 10 Veletaris Storm Section troopers: The elite troopers have training and equipment beyond the standard Cohorts of the Solar Auxilia. They deploy with powerful Volkite Caliver thermal ray weapons and wield vicious Storm Axes for use in melee combat.
  • 1 Dracosan Armored Transport: This vehicle can carry 20 troopers in its heavily armoured hold. Its standard weaponry includes a double-barreled gravis lascannon, but it can also give up half of its transport capacity to mount a devastating demolisher cannon. It also includes your choice of support weapon, with a heavy flamer, heavy stubber, or multi-laser with hunter-killer missiles.
  • 1 Aethon Heavy Sentinel: First seen in the Legions Imperialis box set, this reconnaissance vehicle features solid armor plating and a heavy rocket system. Its standard central mount weapon is a multi-laser, but this can be swapped for other guns including autocannons, heavy incinerators and volkite culverins (for use against infantry) or lascannons and melta-lances (for use against vehicles).
  • 1 Leman Russ Battle Tank: A familiar sight to Warhammer 40K fans, this old school Leman Russ battle tank features a unique design to the Horus Heresy and you choice of four different turret weapons: a battle cannon, a vanquisher cannon, a gravis lascannon or a gravis autocannon. You can also customize the model to become a Leman Russ Assault Tank, which features your choice of demolisher cannon, volkite macro-saker or executioner plasma cannon.
  • 1 Malcador Tank: This heavy vehicle boasts a surprising speed given its size, but also comes equipped with twin-linked lascannons, searchlight and smoke launchers for added strategic versatility on the battlefield.