Warhammer 40,000: Introductory Set

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Let’s say you don’t know what a Warhammer is, never mind how there are 40,000 of them. You’ve never built or painted a miniature, but you’re enthralled by the idea of genetically enhanced soldiers battling with hyper-evolved alien horrors.

This set is for you. It contains five Infernus Marines, 10 Termagants, and a Ripper Swarm – all push-fit, so you won’t need any glue. The box also includes clippers, a starter brush, and five paints to get you started – Abaddon BlackWraithboneBalthasar GoldNaggaroth Night, and Macragge Blue – making it the perfect intro for new Warhammer hobbyists. 

The 48-page Introductory Handbook offers hobby guides and background information for your new models – plus an intro to the game, with tutorials and training scenarios. You can play out your first battles against friends or family on a paper playing mat with cardboard walls and tokens, plus a range ruler and six dice.

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