Ticket to Ride: Germany

Ticket to Ride: Germany

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You’ve heard of Ticket To Ride, right? It’s the king of the gateway games, by publisher Days of Wonder. You and other players compete to lay train tracks to complete ‘tickets’. Since the original Ticket To Ride came out in 2004, it’s spawned expansions, galore. Designer Alan R. Moon keeps on chugging away, producing excellent variant after another! Ticket To Ride: Germany is no exception.

Germany is, in many ways, the home of modern board games. It’s apt that Germany now has its own map for Ticket To Ride! Unlike some of the other expansions such as Nederlands or Nordic Countries, Germany is a standalone game. You don’t need the Ticket To Ride base game to play this. Everything you need to play is right here in the box!

The core mechanisms remain. You’re still working towards set collection. You’re still trying to collect same-colour cards to claim routes on the map. The board is a map of Germany, bordering the countries of Switzerland and Austria.

The big change in Ticket To Ride: Germany is that now the game comes with passengers. During set-up you’ll place random meeples in each of the cities (some more in others). These come in a variation of colours. When players connect two cities, they can claim a passenger from either city. These count towards an extra set collection purpose. The player with the most passengers of each colour stands to score mega points. 20 points per colour is up for grabs, for having the most passengers of that colour!

With passengers playing such a key role, there’s even more ways to score points! Will you go for high-scoring tickets? Will you try to maximise points-to-trains efficiency? Or will you aim for cities with certain passengers in mind? Everything you love about Ticket To Ride is in the Germany edition, and more.

Player Count: 2-5 players
Time: 30-60 minutes
Age: 8+

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