Rum & Bones

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  • Rum & Bones is a board game with thumbnail in which players control fantastic Pirate crews facing encarnizados fighting of collision
  • Each faction has five types of heroes at your disposal: Captain, Gross, Quartermaster Swordsman, Backlash and different, and each one of them plays a role in the battle
  • Each hero is unique and has its own set of attacks and reactions with the capabilities that crush the enemy or give your crew the boost they need
  • Main language : Spanish
  • Included in this box is the sculpture of the Wellsport Brotherhood and the demons of bone, both with unique powers through your tide

    Inspired by the game of style moba, rum & Bones is a strategic game fast, deep and very. The determined sailors and contramaestres of the crew of each boat loaded through the irons to attack the key points of the enemy ship. But the crews are equalized, so will be the heroes controlled by players that will decide the outcome of the Battle.


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