Robin of Locksley: Contest of Thieves

Robin of Locksley: Contest of Thieves

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Troubled times have cursed England since the good and just King Richard the Lionheart was captured in the Crusades. He must trust in his faithful servants at home to raise the huge ransom that has been demanded by his captors. Meanwhile, Richard's corrupt brother John seizes the throne and replaces the loyal Anglo-Saxons with his Norman vessels.

At Locksley Castle, the legal heirs of Robert were disinherited when Locksley died in the Holy Land. The siblings were outlawed because they did not leave their father's castle without a fight. Desperate and hunted by the Sheriff of Nottingham, they survive as bandits. They are now forced to steal from the rich Norman lords and gather the ransom for King Richard. His return will finally mean peace and justice for the people of England.

The one who is first to collect the ransom will become a legend in the history books and immortal in the ballads of the Bandits. Thsi is the true story of Robin Hood...

60 Loot Tiles
24 Fame Tiles
4 Meeples

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