Necromunda: Goliath Gang

Necromunda: Goliath Gang

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The gang members who fight on behalf of the GOLIATH House are huge masses full of muscles and barely contained aggressiveness. Bigger and stronger than an ordinary human, they brag about their strength wherever they go and it's hard to ignore the aura of brutality that surrounds the Goliaths like a cloak. 

Assemble your own GOLIATH band with this box of 10 plastic models or add them to the models you will find in your Necromunda: Underhive box. They are designed to offer you a wide variety of mounting options, which means that no two bands will be the same. It includes: 

- 10 bodies (5 unique designs in duplicate), all with forge breastplates. They have been designed with specific weapon options in mind, but of course you can mount them as you prefer;
- 20 heads (10 unique designs in duplicate), 4 with gas masks. There are 10 ridges, which fit on any head;
- 10 chest plates, of 5 unique designs, with shoulder pads and leg plates for each miniature;
- Weapons! Of those there are quite a few: they include 2 rough blades, 2 nutcrackers, 4 pistols, 2 combat shotguns, 2 “Shearing” toothed axes, 2 automatic grenade launchers, 2 power hammers, 2 plasma guns, 2 “Stapler” rivet guns and 2 pipes, along with fragmentation grenades and additional perforators, 2 sheathed knives, and 4 stocks of stimulants. 

Supplied with 10 round 32mm bases, displaying the same sculpted textures as the game board.

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