Magic: The Gathering:  Commander 2019 - Primal Genesis

Magic: The Gathering: Commander 2019 - Primal Genesis

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  • READY TO PLAY: This pack contains a complete 100 card Commander deck including 1 oversized foil card, 3 foil legendary creature cards, a deck strategy guide, 10 double sided token cards and a deck box.
  • GHIRED, CONCLAVE EXILE: This red, green and white deck is designed to be brutish and aggressive, filling the battlefield with colossal creatures and rampaging across the arena.
  • POPULATE: This featured mechanic creates copies of tokens so you can quickly overwhelm your opponent.
  • CHOOSE YOUR DECK: Play with one of the 4 decks available; Primal Genesis Deck, Merciless Rage Deck, Faceless Menace Deck and Mystic Intellect Deck.
  • FREE-FOR-ALL FORMAT: Commander is an exciting, unique multiplayer way to play Magic where alliances are formed, friends are betrayed, and grudges are repaid with a vengeance.

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