Magic: The Gathering: March Of The Machine - Draft Booster Box

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The March of the Machine Draft Booster Box contains 36 March of the Machine Draft Boosters. Each Draft Booster contains 15 cards and 1 token/ad card or Helper card, including 1–2 card(s) of rarity Rare or higher and 3–5 Uncommon, 8–9 Common, and 1 Land cards. Traditional Foil Borderless Mythic Planeswalker in <1% of boosters. Traditional Foil of any rarity replaces a Common in 33% of boosters.

  • 36 March of the Machine MTG Draft Boosters—the best boosters for drafting March of the Machine
  • 15 Magic cards per booster
  • 1–2 cards of rarity Rare or higher in every pack
  • 1 Traditional Foil card in 33% of packs
  • Battle the Machine Legion as Phyrexians invade planes across the Multiverse

Every World. Every Hero. One Last Stand.

March of the Machine

Planes across the Multiverse have fallen to the Phyrexian invasion. Hope isdwindling and the spark of individuality and rebellion is nothing but an ember. With corrupted Planeswalkers and the remaining heroes nearly overwhelmed, the fate of all hinges on one last stand.

Multiverse Legends

March of the Machine

March of the Machine brings a whole Multiverse of Legendary creatures together for the final battle. Multiverse Legend cards are Legendary Creature reprints, each with a showcase frame styled after the plane that creature is from. Eleven showcase frame styles return for the planes of Theros, Kaldheim, Zendikar, Kamigawa, New Capenna, Dominaria, New Phyrexia, Eldraine, Innistrad, Amonkhet, and Arcavios (home of Strixhaven University), and five new frames are introduced for Kaladesh, Tarkir, Ravnica, Ikoria, and Ixalan!

At least 1 Multiverse Legend card can be found in every March of the Machine Draft and Set Booster. Collector Boosters contain 3 foil Multiverse Legends in every pack, including at least 1 with a special foil treatment (Halo Foil nonserialized, Foil-Etched nonserialized, or Double Rainbow Foil Serialized card).

Halo Foils & Serialized Cards

March of the Machine

Get the finest cards in the Multiverse with Collector Booster-exclusive special treatments!

Halo Foils: March of the Machine introduces Halo Foil cards that shine with a gorgeous rippling rainbow pattern. A Halo Foil Rare or Mythic Rare card can be found in 10% of Collector Boosters.

Serialized Cards: Collector Boosters are also the only March of the Machine packs that may contain Serialized cards—a Double Rainbow Foil Serialized Multiverse Legend or Serialized Alt-Art Borderless Praetor card can be found in less than 1% of packs.

Introducing the Battle Card Type

March of the Machine

March of the Machine introduces an all new card type: Battle! Each card represents the invasion of a different plane in the Multiverse. Battle it out with your friends and, if you win, the card will transform into a tactical advantage.

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