Horizons of Spirit Island

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Horizons of Spirit Island is a cooperative strategy game of settler-destruction for 1-3 players, designed by R. Eric Reuss. Players are called to defend their home as Spirits of nature, fighting to defeat the colonizing Invaders that threaten to destroy their natural existence! The Invaders expand every turn, colonizing more and more of the land as they advance, their towns and cities spreading Blight wherever they’re left unchecked. All hope is not lost, though! Players choose from five Spirits who each wield their own unique elemental powers, from the stealthy and dangerous Devouring Teeth Lurk Underfoot to the implacable and overwhelming Rising Heat of Stone and Sand. Horizons of Spirit Island is compatible with the entire collection of Spirit Island products, with over sixteen unique Spirits, complex new mechanics, and challenging scenarios to choose from across multiple expansions. Start your Spirit Island journey with this game, or grow your existing collection with five new spirits and a new set of game components. Work together to save your home and stand strong with your fellow Spirits against the wave of white-sailed ships on the Horizons of Spirit Island!

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