DC Deck-Building Game: Confrontations

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  • DON'T BACK DOWN: Confrontations explores epic comic book Super-Villain vs. Heroes clashes with an exciting, all-new 2v2 format. Now two Super Heroes will take on two Super-Villains in a struggle for supremacy, using the Confrontation rules first introduced in DC Deck-Building Game: Rivals — Batman vs. The Joker. The rulebook contains 2-player and 3-player variant rules and rules for adding Rivals cards into the mix for even more Confrontational goodness.
  • IT TAKES TEAMWORK: Confrontations debuts the Assist keyword, which may be played during your teammate’s turn, giving him or her that little extra boost. Each oversized Character has a 9, 12, and 15-cost version. As your opponents confront and knock you down, your cost goes up and your abilities improve as well, giving you a chance to make a dramatic comeback. If your team succeeds in knocking down an opposing 15-cost character, your team wins!
  • VERSATILE GAMING: The game allows you to play Team vs. Team or Head-to-Head, including 2-player and 3-player variants, and is compatible with Rivals — Batman vs. The Joker. *Standalone game, but compatible with all games and expansions in DC Deck-Building Game series.*
  • INSIDE THE GAME BOX: Inside Confrontations you'll find 180 Game Cards, 24 Oversized Cards 4 Turn Order Tokens, Rules, and features eight new oversized characters to play, with three versions of each.
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